Kivbwy Cat Butt Jewel Cat’sTail Pet Toys

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Cat Butt Jewel

Kivbwy Cat Butt Jewel Cat’sTail Pet Toys

Cats are the proudest animals you will ever see.
As the monarchs in the house, royalty shouldn’t be seen walking around with naked butts.
A Cat Butt Jewel is a piece of bling to fix this exact problem.
A cat butt jewel fit for an esteemed ruler!

If you’ve ever had guests in your home,
you know how embarrassing it is to watch your prideful cat walking around with his tail up and little butt.
Without a care in the world, your feline friend just bares it all for the world to see.

your kitty might enjoy showing off its little brown eye,
but your guests are not gonna be ready to have some gravy on a steak dinner.
Your cat can stay classy with this little Cat Butt Jewel.
An aptly named way to keep your cat’s status as a cute and fluffy ball of fur.

Your granny doesn’t want to be startled by your cat’s weird butt and neither do you.
This gift has everything you need to keep things PG when guests are around.

If you are still unsure, the Cat Butt Jewel is actually a real product.
It’s one hell of a gag gift that will have your recipient accepting the gift with nervous laughter.
It’s going to be great to watch them actually consider the potential from using a butt-covering gemstone.

If you don’t have a cat, that doesn’t mean your dog can’t join in on the fun.
Dogs can also enjoy some good ol’ bling for a brown eye.
Although we are not quite sure we can trust dogs not to do something weirder than we can imagine.

The Cat Butt Jewel has a single gem that shines brightly to take your attention away from the butthole.
With the large gem, a stainless steel platform is there to keep your cat comfortable while the gem hangs over its tail.

As a human being
it’s quite unfortunate that you won’t get to use this cool device.
We know you’d love to walk around letting everything hang free, but its just not the case, unfortunately.
😻✨Sparkle up your cat’s booty with Cat Butt Jewel! Let them flaunt their fabulousness with this purr-fect accessory. It’s time to treat your fur baby with a dazzling surprise!
💎✨Because every cat deserves a little bling! Cat Butt Jewel lets your fur baby express their unique style. Let their unique personality shine, one jewel at a time.
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Kivbwy Cat Butt Jewel Cat’sTail Pet Toys
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